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Player Information:
Name: Alma
Age: 31
Contact: almalthia80 @ gmail
Game Cast: NA

Character Information:
Name: Graverobber (rl name to anyone that might get it out of him is Jason Fell)
Canon: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Canon Point: End of Film
Age: 28
Repo! Homepage
Repo! Wiki
Graverobber's Myspace (LMFAO)

~There as an entire side story that was deleted from the film, because they didn't have time to work the sub-plot in and hold everyone's attention.

Basically, the Graverobber is caught at the same time that Shilo is caught (21st Century Cure) and Rotti lets him go under the terms that he will help him win over Shilo (as obviously EVERYONE would trust our smarmy drug-dealer!) He agrees and at one point, Shilo receives a call from Rotti on her wrist watch (following 'Gold') about a cure he can offer her, telling her to the catacombs. She goes and finds Graverobber there, hanging by his feet from the rafters, and asks him about her cure (Needle Through a Bug). He had not intended to be hung from the rafters when he agreed to help Rotti and is a bit put out by Shilo demanding a cure from him while he is hanging literally from the ceiling.

There is a corpse beneath him, under a shroud, and he tells her she can get zydrate from the corpse and instructs her on how to do it ("You gotta smack it, into her skull") When Shilo pulls back the shroud, she finds that it's her mother's body (shocking both she AND Graverobber). He hadn't any idea that Rotti had planted the stolen body of Marni in the room with him. Takes some fancy convincing for him to make her believe he had nothing to do with it and get her to help him down.

In the year 2056, a time not so far away from that which we live in now, an epidemic of organ failures has begun to devastate the globe. Entire cities are being built on top of the dead, mausoleums and tombs full of the victims that have befallen this failure of nature. From this disaster and worldwide tragedy, a savior has emerged that has offered a solution to the problem for a price. GeneCo is the world’s first and leading biotech company and they offer the finest in cosmetic surgery and their newest offering comes at a time of need and desperation; organ transplants.

A world where you can finance your bones and your kidneys; replace those parts in your own body with those that work like new.

For every offering though, there is a price, and Rotti Largo (founder of GeneCo) is no fool in this regard. The price of falling behind on your payments to GeneCo is the same as would be to any company you have neglected to pay; repossession. Only this is not a simple car or appliance you are having repossessed, but a vital organ in your own body.

The man that is sent for your organs is known as the Repo Man, a figure that all patients of GeneCo’s surgical processes know of and fear. He will find you, no matter where you run, no matter where you hide and he will retrieve the product for which you owe. Spines, hearts, livers, eyes; it matters not. You will watch as his hand rips the part from you still living body before he leaves you for dead and returns the organ back to GeneCo. He is a legal assassin and there is none better at his job.

As surgery has become more and more prevalent, so have the painkillers that aide in the recovery from said surgery. Zydrate is a genetically engineered painkiller produced by GeneCo, taken from the corpses of past surgery recipients. With every market a sub-market grows and in this case it is growing in the area of illegal drug production and dealing.

Since Zydrate is available from the corpses of the dead, this makes it decidedly easy for others to procure the drug for their own devices. Graverobbers have become a much loved group of caretakers amongst their patrons, removing the Zydrate from the dead within the catacombs. If they are found, they are shot on site, no questions asked.

However, they are not always caught and some have become quite good at what they do. Stealing and robbing graves, desecrating the bodies of the dead within their stone prisons; it’s of little consequence when there is a quick buck to be made, a quick fix needing a hit.

In a world where painkiller addicts, prostitutes and death run rampant these drug dealers find a relatively comfortable living amongst their people, though the threat of death is never too far away. It is stranger still to have an innocent such as Shilo Wallace thrust into their world, uncertain and overwhelmed by the world she has only ever experienced from the window of her room.

How would it be at all possible to not take an interest in a young woman that Rotti himself seems so divested in? One that is the daughter of one of the best Repo Men that GeneCo has to offer?

Our narrator has an unknown past to those around him, though it can be presumed that is was dark and unwelcome as many of those around him. Known only as 'Graverobber', he does have a real name though he chooses to keep that knowledge to himself.

He is a peddler of Zydrate and has no qualms about selling to the addicts around him, whether for money or .. other things. He has a connection (sexually) with Amber Sweet, Rotti Largo’s daughter and serves as her dealer and lover on the occasional fling. Being as how she is a scalpel slut, he sees her fairly regularly.

Quick of thought and smart of mouth, Graverobber is a king among his people and knows the streets of his city inside and out, upside and down. He is just as comfortable traveling the catacombs, amongst the corpses he robs, as he is above ground on the streets.

Though known to look out for himself before everyone else, he has taken an intriguing fascination in Shilo Wallace after a brief encounter in the graveyard her mother’s tomb resides in. Her innocence intrigues him in a manner of wolf to the lamb, and he finds himself watching out for her in his own manner as she becomes entangled in the world of GeneCo.

He has no qualms about selling Zydrate to anyone that might ask him about it, be they man, woman, adult, child. A sale is a sale and the Graverobber needs to get by the same as anyone else. If you’re an addict, you better believe he will make a sale happen if he has any way of getting the product to you.

This all being the case, he really is a nice guy (ironically, with all things considered). He will do what is necessary to save his own ass, though he might feel a bit badly about certain choices later on and do whatever he can to just skate by on an agreement. He will make nice on his own terms, but if he decides you’re worth it, he will have your back when you need him.

He is also a shameless flirt and perfectly happy to fuck and run, which will likely cause him problems if anyone expects him to be a happy homemaker. If you’re interested, he’s interested. :D

As to how he's going to react to this whole situation? Initially he might think the whole thing a bit of a drug or alcohol haze, but once it begins to sink in he's going to consider the 'possibly dead' aspect and... well... consider it damn likely. Graverobber has never lived an easy life and more often than once he's almost gotten himself killed. How can it come as a surprise that he finally met his end... even though he won't remember anything in the end that might have caused it. He's going to see Tu Shanshu as a place to start over and build a new clientele that isn't directly under Largo's thumb. Oh, you thought his being pulled to the 'in between' was going to stop business? Oh, not at all. Make it more challenging, sure, but nothing stops Graverobber for long.


Liar, cheater, drug-dealing flirt. So long as he's gotten Z into you once, he can get more from your corpse once you're dead; and he will try. He's a fast talker and has learned to run like hell over the years.

Otherwise, nothing abnormal.

Clothes on his back, Zydrate (Administration gun, needles, 8 vials), Z-extractor (needle used to penetrate corpse skulls)

Metal - Three story (top floor, please)

In-Character Samples:
Third Person:
The flesh of the corpse beneath his hand was cold and had long since slipped from rigor, but this fact didn’t even begin to faze the man crouching alongside. He tipped his head slightly, studying the not-so-recently deceased woman before clucking his tongue against the roof of his mouth.

"What a waste of great tits," he muttered softly to himself. "I mean, look at yourself! All this surgery to get your face just so and you completely ignored that you were already beautiful." He shook his head slightly as he reached into the pocket of his trench coat and drew out a small roll of material. This sad discovery was often the result of his nightly forays into the catacombs; wasted bodies and senseless surgeries in the attempt at perfecting their bodies. It was surprising there weren’t more mishaps than were reported, with all the repeat 'offenders' returning to GeneCo.

Oh, yes, there were those that legitimately signed their lives away to Rotti Largo and his cesspool of surgeons. Those suffering from kidney failure, or cancer in whatever organ the disease chose; even heart failure, as the scar down the center of his own chest proved. Under these circumstances, Graverobber could understand the reasoning in visiting the surgeon. He could understand taking the risk of a Repo Man visiting if ever a lax fell on a payment plan. Everyone wanted to live, after all, didn’t they? Who wanted to die when there was a welcoming and waiting replacement organ dangling just out of your grip?

Pulling out the large needle, he attached an empty tube in place and with the careful precision of a person well versed he shoved it into the skull of the corpse, past the nasal cavity and toward the base of the spine, where it met the skull. The blue of pure Zydrate filled the tube as he lifted the plunger and he felt himself smiling.

Let them continue with their pointless surgeries, he thought to himself. As long as they did, and they would, he would continue to have those seeking him out for their own fix. He turned, his smile easing into place and looking the faintest bit unsettling as he reached his free hand into his pocket and drew out a zydrate gun, snapping the vial into place.

"Try it," he urged softly, "the first taste is free."


[The computer terminal isn't anything new to Grave, although the specifics take a moment to figure out. After that, though, he's activating the feed and getting right to it.]

Just when you think that you've seen everything technology has to offer, there lands yet another surprise in your lap.

[He doesn't look particularly impressed or surprised, really.]

I've really just got one question at the moment... Was that a cow? Not that I've ever seen a real, breathing cow anywhere around home... I don't think anyone has in the last ten years, actually, but there are pictures in holo-books. Maybe GeneCo should expand from human biology and take up endangered and extinct animal species.

God knows, I could rip right into a natural fucking hamburger that wasn’t made up of bi-products I can’t even pronounce.

I’m not too sure how happy I am to have been dropped into the ocean, [He gives a half shrug.] but it's already a good deal nicer than home. Nice pad, by the way. Still, it seems quite the eclectic group of people hereabouts and with such diversity comes business, and that’s one gift horse I’m not going to look in the mouth. [He smiles and many might think it the smile of a predator and in many ways, it is.] Every market has a sub-market, so they say, and it’ll just take a bit of poking around to find it here.

[His smile slips then, his expression growing serious.]

Hey, Kid, you around?

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